Sanitary guidance related to Coronavirus – R&D committee

We would like to share this notice from R&D Committee of GMANZ with all members and associated professionals for sanitary and preventive related to coronavirus. WHO has warned this viral disease, which is recent spread from China to more than 20 countries in the world.


Features and Causes: The pathogenic microorganism responsible for this disease is one of the three major viruses causing the flu (Adeno, Rhino, and Corona), called 2019-nCoV, and is novel Coronavirus. It is like the symptoms of influenza, but the disease is characterized by pneumonia and high fever.

Interpersonal contact and exposure to bodily saliva or cough secretions result in pathogen transfer through mucous layer (e.g., eyes, nose, mouth, etc.).


Hygiene and Preventive in daily life: Just like most infectious flu cases, wash your hands with cleaning agents several times a day and increase your sleep time to get plenty of rest. In addition, it is important to avoid contact with the infected or the carriers as much as possible, and efforts are needed to reduce stress levels than usual to avoid compromising personal immunity.

Particularly, mouth and nasal cavity are important when washing your face and should be taken not to be exposed to any respiratory diseases in this time.

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