[NEWS] Getting ready for a fresh start

The 2023 Annual General Meeting has been convened. It was a great time to discuss the business plan for the coming year and how we can support our members’ businesses. Most notably, a new executive team was elected. A new Chairperson was elected to lead GMANZ from 2024 onwards, as well as committee chairs to support the association’s various committees.

The new leader of the association for the next decades, Mr. Eisen Shim, is a friend and colleague of ours. He was born in South Korea and currently works in New Zealand as a executive consultant of management consulting firm in a healthcare-Medical industry.

He has served and worked with the association for the past 12 years, during which time he has contributed significantly to raising the profile and reputation of New Zealand through overseas business projects. Among the candidates discussed at the AGM, this experience stood out and he was elected as the next president.

With an engineering background and the experience in animal biotechnology, he has a good understanding of the green medicine and natural plant-based ingredients industries. He is currently working on various business projects between Korea and other Asia-Pacific countries. In particular, he considers Korea to be his mother’s country and New Zealand to be his father’s country, and says he is happy to be able to work for the benefit of both countries.

Mr. Shim will now take office and lead the association in April next year. On behalf of all our members, we wish him great success and extend our heartfelt congratulations.

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