Membership & Committee

Enjoy Your Privilege of GMANZ

GMANZ is very happy to hear from you who love green nature and medicinal plants in the Natural Health Industry. We invite you to join us and offer five forms of Membership: Professional Membership, Life Membership, Associate Membership, International Membership, and Enterprise Membership. Members must subscribe to the objectives of GMANZ and agree to abide by the Rules of GMANZ.

New members shall be admitted as members of GMANZ upon online application via the GMANZ website or in writing to GMANZ. If you would like to join in GMANZ or have any question.

  •   Professional Membership

Available to those individuals who are engaged or experienced more than five years in green medicine business or natural health industry

  •   Enterprise Membership

Available to those limited companies, societies and similar bodies or education providers incorporated in New Zealand who have an interest in GMANZ and its activities.

  •   Life Membership

Awarded to those honored for meritorious service to GMANZ after recognition by the Executive Committee.

  •   Associate Membership (Nonvoting)

Available to those with an interest in GMANZ and those students of approved education providers by GMANZ

  •   International Membership (Nonvoting)

Available to those students and professional bodies or individuals who meet the membership criteria of GMANZ who are not residents in New Zealand

  •   Membership Fee

All members of GMANZ shall on receipt of an invoice from GMANZ in each and every year pay the membership fee as GMANZ may determine from time to time at the Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.

  • The Executive Committee

This is the main governance of GMANZ, which is a committee authorized for the control and management of GMANZ. This shall be vested in those members attending the Annual General Meeting of GMANZ with voting rights. All decisions taken under these provisions shall be implemented by The Executive Committee. This Committee may consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Executive Director, up to three Business Advisors, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Research & Development Committee

It is especially organized for products and services in GMANZ accreditation, this research and development Committee is consisted of professional herbalists, natural therapists and medical practitioners in natural health industry to verify and examine the quality of services and products in Green Medicine. This committee has also the responsibility to develop and supervise a high standard of education and training program as well.

  • Education & Training Committee

This committee educates  an understanding of natural health, such as physical, psychological and social health under green medicine, which is defined as a holistic system to encourage the human body and its natural ability to heal itself. It is responsibility for educational books and magazine publications, Green Medicine educational seminar and training workshops as well.

  • International Business Committee

The one objective of GMANZ for which the Association is established is to build an international business bridge from New Zealand in the natural health industry. This committee may work to accomplish the objective by the economic value of New Zealand in Green Medicine education, product and trading service beyond New Zealand.

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