Prevention of Coronavirus in Green Medicine

Prevention in Green Medicine: GMANZ would like to recommend several information below regarding phyto-resources and medical herbs which are currently available to all professional members.

Hydrastis canadensis.jpg

Especially Golden Seals and Echinacea as the mains for Anti-Viral & Anti-bacterial action. The suitable product type may be tinctures and extracts with high strength less than 1:5.  


Tea Blending can be used if the above herbs are difficult to use in tincture. If a suitable medical hub is not available, NZ SARS formula with a garlic, onion and Manuka Honey UMF is recommended.

Five-petaled white flowers and round buds on twigs bearing short spiky leaves. A dark bee is in the centre of one of the flowers.

Because it is important to prevent infection through throat nasal cavity, you can also use the Anti-viral action formula ‘Cold Free Active of MediNature’, Propolis extracts undiluted, and any toothpaste with Manuka UMF honey and propolis formula.

In any case of infection already, immediately act in accordance with professional medical assistance under the national public health regulations.

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