R&D Committee Online Forum & Executive AGM

R&D Committee of GMANZ would like to have a research forum with Committee members and professionals. One of research articles for those anticancer agents shows a review of the active phytochemicals and application in animals. It will be beneficial references for further consideration on the forum.

Prunus armeniaca

Green Medicine as the potential business model in global healthcare industry, we would like to have the forum to discuss the value of Green Medicine and its role for next decade. Especially, there are several phyto-resources and medical herbs are emerged as an anticancer agent in terms of biotechnology aspect, such as Curcuma longa, Garcinia oblongifolia, Perilla frutescens and Prunus armeniaca.

Garcinia oblongifolia

Recently, global healthcare spending is projected to increase from $7.7 trillion in 2017 to nearly $10 trillion. In 2021 under COVID-19 circumstance, it is expected more than last year. The emergence of personalized medicine, the demand for expanded care delivery sites and public funding models may impact the business in healthcare industry.

In addition, Executive AGM 2021 will be held on the same date after the committee forum via online. For more details, contact Camila.

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