KRIMH welcomes GMANZ executives

New Zealand healing herbal remedies and native tree treatments are first examined by our GMANZ team of natural healers and herbalists we call the Korea Research Institute of Medical Herbs (KRIMH).

At the head of the table Hendrik Ensing and Eisen Shim lead the meeting which is held here in Seoul. All the rest of the people above are herbalists practicing in Asia.

KRIMH live throughout Asia and all are full-time professionals in herbal and natural medicine. They discuss the uses of New Zealand products and how they can be used in their industry. With 50 million people in South Korea, this is a huge industry where introductions to people are essential in order to work with them. Business here in Korea is very different than at home in New Zealand.

KRIMH, is a unique study and research group for green medicine in Asia. It is organised by Han-Kook DynaFuture Ltd., the authorised education provider of GMANZ and MHINZ, Medical Herbs Institute of New Zealand since 2009.

All of KRIMH members are also GMANZ executive members. They all work in the herbal healing industry in Asia every day. They have a wealth of insider knowledge in to this industry.

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