How much do you care of your mind under COVID-19 ? Special Web Seminar in Sep. 2020

The strategic partner with GMANZ, Freedom Institute is holding one of research seminar via web, Webinar on Friday, 11th of September. Zoom meeting will be used for this webinar with Dr. Kay Fielden in this time.

The topic is “Mindfulness for Leaders” In a world of constant change and turbulence Mindfulness can provide to leaders a space and place to achieve peace in order to support better functioning in their personal and professional work.

FREEDOM is inviting you to this Webinar. Date – 11th September 2020, Time: 12:00 on Auckland, Wellington.

Professor Fieden has spent most of her life working in the higher and tertiary education sectors in New Zealand and Australia. She is an expert educator but also best known for her experience and expertise in information technology. She is interested in the achievement of human potential, and she will show in this presentation the philosophical, theoretical approach to mindfulness that includes 26 dimensions that contribute to mindful practice.

Email to register yourself and send your name and organisation. Anyone in the member of GMANZ could contact us, otherwise you may directly contact Freedom.

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