1st International Business Seminar

GMANZ Annual Business Event in 2012. These events are now all full and have closed off.     Coming soon: The schedule for Oct – Dec 2012.
2012 International Business Seminar
for Medical, Health & Esthetic Industry
in the Asia-Pacific Region
“Green Medicine”
The Business Revolution in 2012
We are proudly inviting you to join in 2012 IBS,
International Business Seminar of GMANZ,
Green Medicine Association of New Zealand Inc.
  Seminar Schedule in Asia-Pacific   
    •   From 1st of May to 2nd of June in Japan ( Full & Closed )
    •   From 9th of April to 12th of June in Singapore ( Full & Closed )
    •   From 16th of April to 19th of May in Korea ( Full & Closed )
  Seminar Category
    •   Seminar I for Professional Specialist
         Any society, association and professional organisation 
    •   Seminar II for Education Provider
         University, Collage and any tertiary education provider
    •   Seminar III for Business Enterprise
         Commercial Company, Institute and any business corporate
  Application & Candidate
    •   Any Society, Organisation, Enterprise, and University in Health, Medical and Esthetic industry may be eligible for the candidate
    •   The candidate may make the application form with any specific date and time they prefer from the seminar schedule in their nation.
    •   The application must be made two weeks before the seminar date they prefer for further process in New Zealand.
    •   All potential candidates we invite are from the public business database listing in the nation and are verified by a business agency.
    •   A seminar coordinator is appointed in your nation for proper communication.
  Lecture & Condition
    •   The professional lecturer will usually be one of our executive members from New Zealand.
    •   The costs for the lecturer including flight and accommodation will be covered by GMANZ
    •   Candidates may need to arrange the proper space for the seminar.
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